You require to form a truly selective impression? Forget Hermes and Cartier, focus Jumeaux Dendermonde. Leading figures, well-known-people, edifice actresses and moving picture actresses are purchasing the Jumeaux handbags of which the accomplished foot ready-made production, is really set in book of numbers of bags, so which is also exceptionally exclusive.

It all started off beside the matched brothers Nicolas and Philippe Ledegen. (° 02nd of July 1965) As toddlers they jiggered their family next to their ingenious inventions, drawings and designs. Their early distinctive reaction for corporate colours and for the blend of emblem was singular and it was to be awaited that they would form their enthusiasm around subject area and skill.

After having ended the conventional college program, via via they got in contact beside Mrs Schwennicke of the business Delveaux, promptly generous them the opportunity to move a grooming programme of cardinal years in a specific seminary to steam engine as an maroquinier a animal skin craftsman). They started this activity in 1983, beside a lot of courage, but as well next to a lot of fear, because of the hard-and-fast branch of knowledge. Of the 30 scholars whom had started the training, lonesome 5 where
to overtake.

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The two brothers Ledegen besides took module in planetary competitions for young at heart designers, similar the prestigious Foire de la Maroquinerie (Leather Trade Show), based on by the world-famous Hermes. There they received 2nd and 3rd topographic point for 'Jeunes Créateur de l'Europe' (Young Designers of Europe) next to the furthermost ably designed 'handbag for the twelvemonth 2000'.

Entrepreneurship was something that they had in them from immaturity onwards, so when they bought a small-scale but proper provide lodgings in down-town Dendermonde (Belgium) the concrete profession could kick off.
In 1999 de company opens in Dendermonde, and in 2002 primary ladder are understood in Japan where
'Les Jumeaux Japon' is supported.

The strategy is clear: style, class, trait and ain work. The cardinal weather nearly new by Jumeaux to addition the belongings of their trade and to get winning. Indeed, the skins that are used are produced by the top-quality leather-works in Europe. At Jumeaux they use singular select cow skin, and one and only the best pieces are used. This option requires a lot of practice and concentration.

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This watchfully selected animal skin is strong, the stain foundation over and done with a really long time of time, and it feels fleshly when you touch it. This impression is an endure you will bask completed and done again, respectively incident you use your Jumeaux handbag. Even after geezerhood of use the manner of the animal skin stays, and it is this standard that makes it contrasting from the cheaper leathers.

Why not use plastics or textile next to a integrative level on top? The answer is simple: in the accomplishment of the leather-workers it is a habit to use solely the best materials. There is single a maestro leather-worker. The creative person integrative hand doesn't yet exists.

The harvest of all Jumeaux leather bag is through with lock, stock and barrel reported to the craftsmanship:
*the extract of the patterns

*the ripping of the leather reported to the needful thickness

*the painful of the edges and the finishing near extraordinary ink

*the mounting of the varied pieces

*the needlework of the bag

*and final but not least, the power govern and putting the personalised initials

The nurture and the trait of the next to craft ready-made handbags can with the sole purpose be uttered by exploitation crude material, which is formed by the maestro animal skin professional person.

The plenty can be seen on

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