Saddam Hussein

Iraq's principal hatchet man of pain

The religiousness of human life

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By the thousands he did disdain

Dissidents he did shortly contain

Outmaneuvering and population eliminating

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The meatman of Baghdad bleak and calculating

The general slaughterer unashamed and self-exalting

Saddam, the one who confronts

As defined in Arabic

Preferring bombs done ballots

Callous ill-treatment complete kindness

Organizing unseeable hatred activity

He ascended the political unit ranks

Through a succession of put on trials

Executions, assassinations, and intimidation

Saddam and his Baath participant fleetly removed

Any body of people or mortal suspected of challenging Ba'ath guiding principle.

Tightly controlling conflict

Between system and the defense

To safe and sound his inhibitory rule

He went to all expense

And was immediately to dispense

With governmental opponents

Choosing to cement his own authority

Forcibly, ruthlessly, and firmly

Becoming senior officer of the Baath Party

Practicing one-sided plan repressively

Creating a law enforcement agency denote militarily

Employing counterintelligence and sternness unapologetically

Unkind and domineering to Iraq's Shia, Kurdish and Marsh Arabs

Massacring the Kurds

Consolidating command in a nation

Riddled with profound tensions

Iraq had been split

Along social, ethnic, religious, and economical responsibleness lines

Such divisions did define

The dictator's go sky-high at that time

Improving animate standards

Via modernization and education

Yet as for his guideline and dictatorial organization

He never withheld agony or assassination

Anything to insure self-promotion and aggrandization

Thousands of portraits, posters, statues and murals

Were erected in his award all ended Iraq.

His existence could about endow with his closest men a intuition attack

Uplifting himself to a situation of deity

Plastering his obverse seen on the sides of department buildings

Schools, airports, shops, and currency

Worshipping himself arrogantly

The mephistophelean dictator had umpteen enemies

Knocking off every equivocal character

Even those suspect falsely

Killing the like a child who didn't kindness him

Using the governmental setup to result in destruction

Saddam fought Iran, had body fluid discoloured hands

Ivaded Kuwait, espousing himself to be great

He defied the International Community

Despised and potential bribed UN inspectors

Yet sprite at the end of the day came

When he was guilty and found guilty

By an Iraqi Special Tribunal

He was hanged same a war criminal

Given no victorian funeral

The pedagogy to be learned

Hurt ancestors hard done by people

If you loathe yourself

You will act beside hatred

Toward one and all else

Saddam never knew his father

His wounds went deep

Saddam's 13-year-old male sibling died of cancer

His father figure treated Saddam harshly

Is it any awesome sight for this reason what he would be?

Saddam's self-hate turned to tyranny

Sadly afflicting and massacring his citizenry

Killing some his daughter's hubbies

Insidiously inflicting everlasting cruelty

Shall be his existence bequest.

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