If you poverty to get your quill cut in Villefranche du Perigord, a community in the hunch of France, you have two choices. On one squad of the walk is a hairdressers, all cr and glossy mirrors, a lesser further thrown is a barbers of the cutthroat edge tool brand.

But it's no Sweeny Todd mode hair salon more a remarkable leave to delight in a beefy dose of French being. I'd but complete myself for the visit, erudition the French idiom for short, for a flyspeck shorter humour and time off the sideburns as they are.

Well possibly not the second one.

I was too hoping that there would be a couple of pictures on the wall, close to all cracking barbers, that I could at lowest possible tine to. But I later had a madness make for as I contemplation they all power be pictures from the 70's and I'd have to factor to thing that the Hair Bear Bunch would be conceited of.

As I walked into the mercantile establishment within was an old man sat in the seat next to the barber apt to his hackle and chitchat away. They some turned towards me and same 'bonjour'.

I returned the warmth and as in attendance was no one waiting simply sat on one of the chairs and waited my swerve. Ten proceedings subsequent and I was sat underneath the snatched scissors and unseamed mode of Daniel Galdrat, Villefranche du Perigord's sincere samuel barber.

"I've been a samuel barber in the settlement for 43 years, I was given birth 50 meters away from the retail store and I've lived present all my life," Daniel said.

"After I larboard university I qualified to be a barber at school and started engaged in the beauty salon."

Daniel is more than of a artist than a hairdresser, he uses scissors and a comb like an creative person uses a brush, with a pretty touch and dedication to trifle. He turns to his bowelless edge tool to help yourself to the spine off the put a bet on of your collar and lone uses the electrical trimmers to control your sideburns.

"It's a disgrace that hairdressers today single use the trimmers to cut people's hair, but that is what they are qualified at college," aforementioned Daniel.

"They have no acquaintance of how to use the scissors and device to cut hair, they can as well be cut sheep." At the stern of the hair salon is a arrangement of wooden mushrooms, walking sticks and canes - the some other fervour in Daniel's being.

He enjoys going out into the Dordogne forests in circles the village with his dog and photographic equipment to whip pictures of mushrooms that he uses as the starting place for his woodturning. And it is vindicate to see the skills he has formulated as a barber travel out in his interest once again the touch of a sculpturer is patent.

"I savour the mountains," Daniel aforesaid as he spikelike to a monolithic placard of the Alps on the wall.

"But I can't get to see them as habitually as I would like

"I am hoping to retire soon, but here is no one to take complete the running of the mercantile establishment as yet."

As my cut was future to a finish another man dropped in to the shop, same bonjour, and barrel both Daniel's paw and excavation. He aforesaid the windward was almost to revolve and as I got up to pay, he took his point in the barber's stool.

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